We Pledge People, Not Bots.

Leads qualified through real human connection. Watch the video to find out more.

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What is Pledge People, Not Bots?

Pledge People Not Bots underlines our commitment to putting people first. When we answer calls and chats on behalf of your business, your leads will always speak to a real person.

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Why we pledge?

While some businesses use AI in a bid to drive down costs, they end up losing the personal experience that potential customers are looking for. Thats why we're promising to keep our business human.

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What do your customers think about AI?

  • 78%

    of people prefer to speak to a real person over AI or a bot.

    Source: Hubspot
  • 85%

    of people have abandoned a call after reaching an auto attendant or automated menu.

    Source: Vonage
  • 84%

    of people think companies should disclose if they are using AI instead of real people.

    Source: Business2Community

Real people 24/7 = More qualified leads.

People are the key to unlocking positive customer experiences.

  • 1. Engaged leads

    New prospects feel more confident in buying when a real person can give them the support they need.

  • 2. Tailored service

    Each lead is unique. That's why our team of sales qualification experts will qualify your leads using customizable scripts.

  • 3. Building trust

    You can develop strong relationships and increase your conversion rate by establishing trust with leads.

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