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Does Your Business Need a Lead Qualification Service?

You cannot overlook the roles prompt lead response and lead qualification play in keeping your business running smoothly. To run your business, you need to allocate time for different tasks and find a way to do everything efficiently. And, if you categorize your tasks based on urgency or importance, you’ll find “qualifying your leads” showing up under both lists. 

It’s urgent because your leads have “alternatives”. The “alternatives” have phone numbers. And they might have a dedicated lead response team ready to qualify and quickly push your could-have-been leads to their sales. And you know what that could mean for your business. 

It’s important because your revenue depends on converting these leads into customers. There’s also your brand’s reputation that’s involved – it’s a game where you make or break it. A business that responds first, has more chances of converting the lead first. These instantly responsive businesses bag 78% of new business with a prospect!

However, nearly 63% of calls to businesses either go to voicemail or are never answered.

Take time to think about this. How many calls are you missing on a daily basis? How many of those callers never call back or answer their phone when you attempt to reach them? Could they be your potential customers? 

One of the best uses of a lead qualification team is that they identify your potential customers and relay the information to your sales team so that no opportunity is missed.

Here are some important points to consider before you decide whether your business needs a lead qualification service or not.

1) Saving on your time

It’s not just about time, it’s also about timing. 

Answering your leads’ calls is crucial, and calls come in throughout the day. Without a good time management strategy, businesses can miss calls or they end up spending limited time with callers. When you have multiple calls coming in at the same time, it’s easy to put calls on hold or let them go to voicemail. Worse yet, at peak times, some of your calls might even ring out frustrating expectant leads.

When there are time constraints, your lead-nurturing mission falls short of its full potential. 

A 24/7 lead qualification service receives all your calls. Live agents begin interacting and filtering these calls. The leads are nurtured and engaged to fatten your sales pipeline with relevant leads.

2) Saving on your budget

To handle leads’ calls, you need to hire and train a team of receptionists. The recruitment, training and development, office set-up costs, salaries, and other benefits, can be a big hit on your budget.  You might even have to ask other employees to assist with answering calls. Overall, it’s a disorganized strategy and a hindrance to employee productivity. Lead qualification services typically cover your customer answering service needs as well. The services have trained professionals. And, it works out at a fraction of the cost. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that an answering service costs only about 20% of hiring your own in-house receptionist team. It also operates 24/7, ready to provide support for every call. 

3) Increasing your revenue

Hiring a lead qualification service makes it easier to provide consistently seamless support – and caller satisfaction is crucial to your customer experience score.

And, outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. To engage every lead and keep the sales flowing without affecting your sales budget, you need to answer every inbound call!

4) Engaging your leads (and customers) 24/7 All Year Long

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a lead qualification service – you get to keep your business open all the time! Both your leads and customers’ calls are handled with care. After-hours, weekends and holidays, your callers will be able to receive the response they need. 

Would you believe this? 92% of customer interactions still happen on the phone.

Order-taking, message-taking, scheduling appointments, addressing complaints– every query is attended to. The agents are trained to be patient, professional, and friendly as they interact. You can also customize scripts to maintain your competitive advantage – your brand’s unique personality.

And your leads – they get follow-up calls in addition to all the other answering service benefits. 

HelloSells offers an outbound calling campaign to re-engage the old leads to revive their interest in your products and services.

5) Focusing on other high-priority tasks

62% of business owners say the stress of owning a business is higher than they’d expected. You probably already know– a pile of tasks and responsibilities await business owners every new day. 

It’s a relief to know you have a dedicated team handling leads and other customer calls for you. That means you can go on a vacation or business trips, and trust that your callers’ needs are being met. 

If you need more information on how agents handle your messages when you’re unavailable, find out more here.

6) Do you believe your business is not about the size but the service?

Many small businesses think that their size matters in hiring a lead qualification team. They often assume they might not be the right fit for the service. The common misconception is a result of associating the service with only large call volumes. 

While the logic does make sense, there’s one missing piece of information – lead qualification services are caller friendly with tailor-made call scripts. The service works around your call volume and business needs. It’s not only about the usefulness of the service, but also the caliber of professional interactions that the service delivers.

What’s better is to ask yourself these questions, “Do I want to show my leads that I value them from the get-go? Even if it’s just one lead, do I want them to know my customer service is worth it?”

The truth is, a lead qualification service will improve both the quantity of your call capacity and the quality of your customer service. It’s not about the numbers alone, it’s about the experience you want to give your every caller.


Identifying the missing link between marketing and sales, HelloSells has paved the way for a 24/7 live lead qualification service. The goals are to optimize your marketing ROI, support your sales team, and offer your leads a positive brand experience.

You being unable to respond when leads need you can be the stumbling block that affects your rapport with them. See how HelloSells can resolve your lead management problems. 

Create cost effective budgets, go on a vacation if you may, and still grow your revenue as your leads are handled effectively and fast.


Any questions? Call  or send an email to sales@hellosells.com.