Live chat support service

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Offer your website visitors a live chat option.

Generate more leads by answering questions instantly.

Why live chat?

Not every visitor is willing or able to phone you. They might just have a simple question or be in a quiet place. Live chat means you can offer a friendly interaction on your visitor’s terms.

Use a live chat service to talk to leads, get their contact information, and start the sales process.

  • Answer questions
  • Get information
  • Start selling

How live chat works

After installing a small code snippet, your website is ready for live chat. You can then choose for our agents to answer chat enquiries based on a script created with you.

When your chats are answered they can be handled however the conversation unfolds. Appointments can be scheduled, orders processed, support tickets created, or messages forwarded to specific people on your team.

  • Answer questions
  • Schedule appointments
  • Create support tickets
  • Forward messages

Choosing a live chat service

With our live chat service, US-based agents represent your business in a friendly and professional manner. As you would expect, our agents are customer service experts.

You only need to pay for the time spent handling the chat and will receive the chat record as soon as the interaction is completed. You’re always in control.

  • Choose a plan that suits you
  • Month-to-month plans
  • Easy to scale up or down


Who answers my chats?

US-based agents respond to your customer chats.

How do you know what to say?

Agents follow a script that we create with you. You decide on specific resolutions.
How does pricing work?

HelloSells charges per minute of time in the chat. You set the chat time-out length, so you don’t pay if the interaction ends unexpectedly.

Start capturing leads today!