Generate leads from your inbound calls

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Where will you find your next customer?

The continuous search for more leads is a key task of sales and marketing teams. Generating leads, closing deals, and growing your business is ultimately how your success is measured.

Too many marketers search for lead generation opportunities on the latest fringe social media platform with a user-base in the hundreds. But they leave a vast, proven communication channel entirely untapped.

Phone calls.

Despite what you might think, calls aren’t going away.

Numerous studies have shown that call volume is increasing as more people have smartphones with them at all times and are eager to use them.

The good news is that phone calls are an extremely effective selling channel. By definition a call is conversational, allowing for two-way communication with your customers. When you get someone on the phone, you get their full attention. This means that calls are the perfect opportunity to begin your sales process.

Are you making the most of your calls to capture and nurture your leads?

Inbound calls are an effective selling channel

A simple fact: calls are more valuable than clicks.

When you think about it, it’s obvious why:

  • Leads are far less likely to hang up on a human than abandon your website’s sales page
  • A call is a two-way conversation between two people. Because you can react, you can tailor your pitch to each caller
  • A call enables you to answer intital questions and address immediate objections
  • You can ask qualifying questions on calls to get your sales team crucial information to help them close deals
  • When a lead calls and you answer they feel listened to and cared for

These are compelling reasons to leverage the phone in your sales/marketing strategy. Yet most marketing campaigns fail to even provide a phone number. This is not an ideal starting point.

Don’t just ask for a click in your campaigns, also ask for a call. The simple step of providing a phone number activates a tried and tested sales channel for your business: inbound calls.

How to create an inbound call strategy that generates leads

  1. Get a business number and display it prominently on your marketing materials, both online and offline
  2. Utilize click-to-call features both on-site and through paid advertising. Google research shows these call features are extremely effective
  3. Set up call tracking to measure the effectiveness of each campaign that you run
  4. Think about the structure of your calls when you answer. When a lead calls, how can you best address their questions and help them understand your offering?
  5. Don’t miss out-of-hour calls or send warm leads to voicemail. Use a call answering service to take calls and pass caller details and qualifying information straight to your CRM

Give leads the human option

People buy from people.

The most compelling reason to implement an inbound call strategy is to allow your leads to create a connection with your business.

When you send someone to voicemail or put an IVR system in the way of human contact, it’s a lost opportunity. Let your customers talk to someone. When you show that you care, when your lead feels listened to, the sale takes care of itself.

Generate more leads today!