Callback service

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When a lead gives you their contact information, don’t wait to say hello.

End their search and start your sales process with instant callback.

Start a conversation. Start selling

Leads convert when you say hello. People prefer talking to a human rather than working through an automated process. It shows you care.

A callback service demonstrates to your leads that you value their business and are ready to help.

  • When a prospect submits an enquiry, offer an immediate response.
  • When a customer tries to place an order, don’t tell them you’re closed for the day.
  • When a lead asks for a quote, instantly schedule a call with your sales team.

When leads don’t hear from you, they’ll keep shopping

Don’t let warm leads go cold. Start talking the moment your leads are ready. Customers often select the business that responds to them first. Make sure that’s you.

Your sales team tells us about your business so we can create your ‘first contact’ call script for a variety of scenarios that gets hot leads started on your sales process. 

  • Instant response
  • Get additional information
  • Qualify leads
  • Schedule follow up
  • Start your sales process

How instant callback works

It’s easy to forward website form submissions to us. We’ll follow up immediately.

Live chat works with a small code snippet. You can then initiate chats when people are on key website pages.

We’ll then use lead contact information to call back and ask questions to help your sales team qualify the opportunity and begin your sales process.

  • Where can human interaction benefit your sales process?
  • What qualifying questions should agents ask when talking to your leads?
  • Have a friendly ‘hello’ start selling for you!

Generate more leads today!